Potato Bed

Potato Bed


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Grow 53 lbs of Potatoes
in Just 9 Square Feet!

The Potato Bed is our exclusive hybrid system that's as easy as barrel growing, yet produces a big satisfying crop like conventional hilling.

  • Easy Set Up. The Potato Bed sets up in a jiffy and takes just 9 sq ft of garden space. There's no hilling and minimal weeding.

  • Easy Harvest. Just pull the corner pins, and potatoes tumble out – no digging.

  • Big Harvests. In our test gardens, we harvested 53 lbs of potatoes from one bed – easily beating conventional hills – with half the work.

  • We recommend Elba Potatoes (shipped from March through May by zone) for their hardiness and wonderful flavor. For optimum watering, try out customized Raised Bed Irrigation Kit and our Digital Water Timer.

    Product Details

  • 3' x 3' x 10"
  • Stores flat for the winter
  • Holds 240 quarts of soil; 8 bags of our Transplant Mix
  • Note: Elba potatoes cannot be expedited.
  • Sorry, potatoes cannot be shipped to PR or VI
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive
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