LED Winter Branch Starburst


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Additional Information

Exclusive | Sparkling Lighted Branch Starburst is a Delight, Indoors or Out

  • Nature-inspired lighted branch starburst adds a festive touch
  • Battery-powered, so you can hang it in the shade
  • Built-in timer; set it once and it turns on for 6 hours at the same time each day
  • Display indoors or outdoors above 40 degrees F. to prolong battery life

Like moonlight glistening off dewdrops, the tiny white lights on this starburst bring a festive glow. Battery-powered, so you can place it anywhere, even in the shade (unlike solar versions that must be placed in full sun). Outdoors, it's a captivating accent when placed in a tree, porch or entryway. Indoors, it's beautiful in a foyer or stairwell. A built-in timer turns the LEDs on for 6 hours, off for 18, repeating each day. Set it once and it will turn on at the same time every day! Shape the branches any way you like. Requires 3 C batteries, not included. Waterproof battery pack withstands rain and has a hook for hanging.

Product Details

  • Approx. 64 LEDs
  • ​Plastic tape, wiring, warm white LEDs
  • ​Up to 12" in diameter
  • ​20" cord to waterproof battery pack
  • ​Do not submerge battery pack in water
  • ​Hanging hook on battery pack
  • Uses 3 C batteries, not included
  • Display indoors or outdoors above 40 degrees F to prolong battery life
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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