Lavender Dryer Sachets, Set of 3

Lavender Dryer Sachets, Set of 3


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Scented Lavender Dryer Sachets for Clothing and Linens

Toss one of these all-natural lavender sachets in your dryer to subtly scent bedding, towels and more. They can also be tucked into drawers or linen closet to keep linens smelling fresh. Three muslin sachets contain all-natural lavender flowers.

  • Aromatic sachets scent laundry in the dryer
  • Also freshen drawers and linen closets
  • Reusable up to 5 times in the dryer
  • Three scented sachets

    Product Details

  • Cotton muslin filled with natural lavender
  • 3-1/2" square each
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