Ladybug Feeders. Set of 2

Ladybug Feeders. Set of 2


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Additional Information

Aphid Infestation? Ladybugs to the Rescue!

  • Attract beneficial ladybugs to your yard and garden
  • Easy to hang with included cord
  • Set of 2 feeders

      Aphids are the most common garden pest and are difficult to control by spraying. Luckily, one ladybug can eat dozens of aphids a day, seeking them out wherever they hide. Ladybugs also prey on mealybugs, scale, leaf hoppers and mites. Bait these natural bamboo feeding stations with a raisin or two to welcome ladybugs into your garden and provide food when aphids are scarce.

      Product Details

      • Natural bamboo
      • Approx. 6-1/2" L x 1-1/2" in diameter