three vintage canning jars full of vegetables on a kitchen counter with garlic and carrots

Vintage Preserve Canning Jars, 34 oz.


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Additional Information

Preserve the Goodness in Vintage Canning Jars, 34 oz.

  • Distinctive jars for preserving and storing
  • Perfect size for sauces, salsas and pickles
  • Traditional two-piece lid for canning
  • 34 oz. glass jars in set of 4 or set of 12

Preserve the flavors of summer in distinctive Kilner canning jars. The striking shape and embossed surface of these jars bring an extra dash of style to homemade sauces, jams, salsas, chutneys and pickles. They also make decorative countertop storage for rice, flour, pasta, coffee and other dry goods. These top-quality glass jars have traditional two-piece lids — a vacuum seal disc and metal screw band — making them ideal for canning. These 34 oz. jars are slightly larger than quart jars.

Established in England in 1842, Kilner is renowned for their distinctive, high-quality glass bottles and jars. For over 150 years, households in Europe and throughout the world have chosen Kilner products for their homemade and home-canned foods. Filled with your own homemade jams, jellies, pickles, oils, vinegars and spirits, iconic Kilner bottles and jars make delightful and much-appreciated gifts.

Screw bands can be reused up to 10 times; use a fresh vacuum seal each time you use the jar for canning. Replacement screw bands and seals sold separately.

Product Details

  • Glass bottle, stainless steel, rubber
  • 3-3/4" in diameter x 6-1/2" H
  • Opening is 2-1/2"
  • Holds 34 oz.
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Ideal for hot water bath canning
  • Do not pour boiling water directly into jars
  • May not be compatible with other brands