Gardener's Revolution™ Planter

Gardener's Revolution™ Planter


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A Revolutionary Planter for Tomatoes

We first experienced the wonders of upside-down vegetable growing several years ago, and we continue to be impressed with the results; satisfying crops in very little space, with very little effort. Now we’re pleased to offer the best hanging tomato planter made: the Gardener’s Revolution™ Planter. This innovative self-watering planter is sturdier, easier to plant, and best of all, provides continuous moisture to plants without daily watering. Tomatoes grown in the Gardener’s Revolution Planter don’t need staking or tying, they're out of reach of most pests, and they won’t get soil-borne diseases. The planter includes a sturdy polyethylene-coated steel cage, soft synthetic fabric liner, and 1-gallon water reservoir. Simply fill with planting mix, add organic fertilizer, and plant your tomato seedling. Hang in a convenient, sunny spot and you’ll soon be harvesting bowls of your own sweet, juicy organic tomatoes.

  • Homegrown tomatoes at your fingertips!
  • Hanging planter reduces pests and diseases to ensure great crops
  • We recommend our Self-Watering Container Mix and Organic Tomato Fertilizer, sold separately
  • The Four-Arm Plant Hanger, sold separately, is an ideal support

    Product Details

  • Sturdy polyethylene-coated steel cage with soft synthetic fabric liner
  • Planter is 8" diameter x 16" H
  • 9" hanging chain and hook
  • Holds 17 quarts of planting mix
  • 1-gallon water reservoir
  • This planter grows peppers, cucumbers and eggplants, too
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive