Classic Tomato Planter in white on deck with two tomato plants

Gardener’s Revolution® Classic Tomato Planter



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Gardener’s Revolution® Classic Tomato Planter

  • The most effective container for tomato growing
  • Sized for 2 vigorous, compact determinate (bush variety) tomato plants
  • Vented sides and Grow Bag fabric liner allow beneficial, air-assisted root pruning
  • Dual-Hydrate self-watering system and 5-gallon reservoir keep plants hydrated
  • Adjustable Snap-Lock support rings slide up or down to fit your plants' needs
Gardener's Revolution Classic Planters

Developed in-house, the breakthrough technology of our self-watering planter makes it easy to grow tomatoes on your patio or deck, and have a bonanza of fruit all summer long. Airflow through the planter's sides and liner encourages lateral root growth, resulting in denser, healthier foliage and more vigorous fruiting above.

The reservoir reduces the frequency of watering, and delivers water to roots in two ways. First, a capillary strip draws water from the basin up to the soil. Second, a perforated grid allows for water to evaporate up — especially on hot, sunny days when plants get extra thirsty. This Dual-Hydrate system ensures consistent, even moisture delivery to roots — which is critical to plant success.

Our lead Product Tester calls this "by far the best container for growing tomatoes that I've ever used."

Recommended add-ons, sold separately:
Classic Tomato Support Extension, with an additional 22" of support for taller plant varieties. Our premium Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix and GSC Organic Tomato Fertilizer. Casters for easy mobility.

Product Details

  • UV-resistant polypropylene, BPA-free polypropylene liner, aluminum, powder-coated steel wire
  • Planter: 26" L x 18" W x 17" H
  • Support: 34" H
  • Reservoir holds 5 gallons
  • Holds 60 quarts of potting mix
  • Fabric is imported
  • Easy assembly
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive
How It Works
Product Instructions
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