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Exclusive | Grow Your Own Tomatoes! Our Self-Watering Classic Tomato Growing Kit Includes Organic Potting Mix and Fertilizer!

  • Grow the tastiest vine-ripened tomatoes in our revolutionary planter
  • Clapboard-style planter is sized to fit 2 super-productive tomato plants
  • Complete organic kit — just add plants!
  • Kit includes Classic Planter, 34" high support, three 20-qt. bags of Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix and 5 lbs. of GSC Organic Tomato Fertilizer
  • Make it mobile! Add optional Casters, sold separately
  • We recommend compact determinate (bush) varieties that grow up to the height of the support
  • For taller tomato varieties add the Classic Tomato Support Extension, sold separately, which provides an additional 22" of support

Get ready for a bonanza of delicious, juicy tomatoes all summer long! Breakthrough technology makes this self-watering planter the most effective way to grow tomatoes on your patio or deck. It holds a generous 60 qts. of potting mix — plenty of room for two tomato plants. Made from durable, low-maintenance polypropylene. We recommend using the included tie-backs to secure the planter to a post or railing.

Success starts in the roots. The perforated planter with sidewall ventilation and lightweight Grow Bag liner air-prune roots, ensuring a dense, vigorous root system that can take up more water and nutrients — the secret to super-productive plants.

Dual-Hydrate Watering System. Draws water from the reservoir into the soil two ways — an evaporative grid plus capillary strip — efficiently providing roots with water. And the large water reservoir provides consistent moisture and reduces watering chores.

Customizable support. The Sturdy Snap-Lock Rings and 34" integrated aluminum spines provide support wherever and whenever it's needed — and you can open, reattach and lock in the rings to gather up and support wayward branches.

Deborah, our lead Product Tester, says, "This planter is by far the best container for growing tomatoes that I've ever used."

Product Details

  • UV-resistant polypropylene, BPA-free polypropylene liner, aluminum, powder-coated steel wire
  • Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix: Canadian sphagnum peat moss, peat humus, perlite, limestone, gypsum, mycorrhizae
  • Organic Tomato Fertilizer: Contains vegetable or animal protein meal, peanut meal, natural nitrate of soda, natural sulfate of potash/magnesia. NOTE: contains peanut meal.
  • Planter: 26" L x 18" W x 17" H
  • Support: 34" H
  • Reservoir holds 5 gallons
  • Fabric is imported
  • Easy assembly
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive

I would not purchase another one of these tomato planters


I purchased this last year and the lining didn't fit the container and neither did the top that goes around the container would not stay on. I was very disappointed and did better growing some tomatoes in a regular clay pot.


Los Angeles


The Revolution Will Be Fertilized!


After Gardeners Supply Co. provided me the new-and-improved locking clips, I experienced no issues with the Revolution Garden Kit! The impressively large reservoir in the base of the unit held so much water that I only watered it twice a week. My tomato plants grew so large that I needed the support extension. I intend to try my luck growing other veggies in this planter during future seasons.

Greenhorn Greenthumb



Will report more about this product after next year.


Just purchased this item and haven't had a chance to use it. It looks like it will be a very good addition to my garden.


Muscatine Ia


Great Planter


I planted 2 determinate tomato plants in the planter and they both did well. The planter arrived with everything I needed to get started. I had it unpacked, assembled and planted in less than an hour. Having the correct amount of soil and fertilizer was a big help. Having it on wheels was a bonus as I was able to move the planter about to catch the best sun through the season. I know some people had a problem with the clips, but revised clips were included in my package. The new clips were super easy to use. This is by far the best container I used this season.


Redondo Beach, CA


Deer Liked My Tomatoes


Lost four weeks Jul-Aug from surgery and weeds took over my garden. I mowed weeds between rows when I was able and noticed a bunch of cherry tomatoes. I must have picked a quart or so but only four cherry tomatoes made it into the house, boy they were good. I took the rest to work next day to have with my lunch. I also noticed two softball sized tomatoes last week that would finish ripening end of week so Thursday night after work I went out to pick them. No tomatoes on plant, I found half a tomato with a big bite mark in it, laying on the ground. All that was left, stinking deer win again!! Before I mowed weeds were as high or higher than tomato plants and they not only survived but had lots of tomatoes on them. Hopefully more will ripen before the frost which could happen any day now.




Tomato garden kit


I'm sorry to say I didn't get a single tomato from this kit. The plants I planted looked wonderful to start out but never produced a single tomato. I plan on trying this again next year with hopefully a better result.


Springfield, IL


Wow Great!


Slow to start but took off and produced many San Marzano container tomatoes. Will try other variety next year. Took patience to construct the tub, but succeeded! Bought rollers, a good idea, but rollers are too low and there is trouble going over cracks and bumps.

JR the patio gardener



The good and the bad


You can see from the pictures that we have marvelous tomato plants. I may have mistaken by planting indeterminate tomatoes. They're all producing, some more slowly than others. The supports system is not strong enough to hold the huge vines and had to use an external tree support as noted the second picture

good and bad



Pretty good pot


2 tomato plants worked good. It was pretty easy to set up. However, 2 of the clips were broken when I took them out of the package. I think quality control could be better.

Lazy Gardener

Pittsburgh PA


Shows promise!


I purchased two kits. I planted a Stupice tomato in one, and it did great. I planted a "Mrs Benson" (another heirloom variety) in the other, with disappointing results. This design is much improved over the old ones. It was easy to assemble and easy to keep watered.

heirloom tomato lover

Northern Colorado


Gardener's Revolution® Classic Tomato Garden Kit

2.9 75


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