Fast Start® Seedstarter

Fast Start® Seedstarter



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Earth-Friendly, Self-Watering Fast Start® Seedstarter Ensures Success

  • Fast germination and robust seedling growth in a convenient self-watering growing system
  • Earth-friendly planting tray is made from a biodegradable cornstarch-based material
  • Heavy-duty reservoir is dishwasher-safe; reusable capillary mat is machine-washable

Starting plants from seed has never been easier! The culmination of four years of research and testing, our new Fast Start® Seedstarter represents a breakthrough in successful seedstarting. The new 24-cell planting tray is made from a revolutionary cornstarch-based material that offers the sturdiness of plastic but will biodegrade under landfill conditions — there’s no need to wash and sterilize at the end of the season because you use a fresh one each year. The rigid, molded plastic reservoir is dishwasher safe, leak-proof and will last for years. And the new, reusable capillary mat is machine washable. The Fast Start Seedstarter includes one each of the clear greenhouse cover, biodegradable planting tray, capillary mat, reservoir and platform.

Product Details

  • Cornstarch-based PLA resin planting trays, molded plastic reservoir, platform and dome and polypropylene capillary mat
  • 14-3/4" L x 9-1/4" W x 5" H overall
  • 24, 2" square planting cells
  • Reservoir is dishwasher-safe
  • Capillary mat is machine-washable
  • Planting tray is biodegradable under landfill conditions
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive
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