Elevated Patio Grow House

Elevated Patio Grow House


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Additional Information

Exclusive | No Bending Needed to Tend Plants in the Elevated Patio Grow House

  • Elevates plants for easy tending, minimizing back strain
  • Perfect for starting seeds and acclimating tender plants
  • Double-wall polycarbonate glazing with hinged roof for ventilation
  • Shown with Large Boot Trays, sold separately

Start seeds and acclimate plants to outdoor conditions without backbreaking bending to water and fertilize them. The double-walled polycarbonate glazing transmits plenty of light for healthy growth, and it holds in the sun's heat to insulate plants from chilly weather. The two-piece top lets you open one or both sides for just the right amount of ventilation. There's almost 7 square feet of growing space, with 17" headroom in back, 14" in front. Bottom shelf holds potting soil, containers, watering can and other supplies.

Product Details

  • ACQ-treated Chinese fir with polycarbonate panels
  • 50-3/4 L x 19-3/4" W x 36-1/4" H overall
  • 17" headroom in back, 14" in front
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

small house for seedlings


It is small and that makes the greenhouse portable. However, it will not hold many seedlings. We were glad to have it when the seedlings started to take over the house and we could move some outside to a protected sight.


Marquette, Mi.


works as advertised


Has worked very effectively at getting my herbs and chili peppers ready to plant. I have this at the edge of a covered patio so I expect it will last many years. Also plan to winter my herbs.


Scappoose, Oregon


Not the quality for the $


We put together and will use but pieces were not cut to fit, had to make adjustments along the way, very soft wood, will have to put some type of preservative so it will weather out Northeast temps. Would not recommend, did not send back as we have it altogether and would have been a bear to take apart and ship back.

Katie the gardner

Rainbow Lake NY


Looks Nice; But.....


I like the look of this product, because I wanted to use it as a patio greenhouse for seed starting and hardening-off. I'll still be able to use it, but not outside! The construction is way too flimsy for our area (Wind), so I'll have to use it inside or if I had and enclosed patio then I would use it there. It went together well and it looks good and I like the storage shelf. You are going to need the large boot tray that's offered to keep it from water damage to your floor, if it's inside; but at least use wood preservative if you're using it outside; but actually, I'd preserve the wood regardless, of your intended use.

Grow Girl



Everything it says it is. very nice


Sent this to my daughter in Denver, easy to assamble, she's ready to get started with her seedlings.

Good Mom

Philadelphia, PA


Adequate less durable/sturdy than expect


The item is a nice size, compact and just big enough to start several garden veggies early to get a jump on the season. It should also allow me to experiment with growing some cold-hardy greens (lettuce, spinach, escarole) over winter in my fairly mild zone 6 - 7ish St. Louis area. Not suitable for larger plants like broccoli, beans, peas. I like the concept, but am disappointed in the quality. It is a very light-weight wood, that has not been treated. Several pieces splintered within 2 weeks before I could stain it to make it more durable. Plan to stain and preserve the wood before you even assemble it and put it outside. Surprisingly it appears that this item is not actually designed for outdoor use, at least not well or ready for that purpose. It is a soft wood. It is very lightweight, so also plan to anchor it in some way. Otherwise, it is an economical way to have a very small, compact cold frame for convenience. It was easy to put together, all the pieces fit well, and no missing hardware. I would recommend it with reservations. I hope it will last a couple seasons, but will require frequent maintenance to weatherproof it.


St. Charles, MO


very useful product


More tools were needed to put this item together than instructions specified. A wrench or pliers were also used in assembly. It would be great if this product could be produced in the USA!




Smaller scale perfection


Great seed starter as our Spring was chillier than normal..helped us to get a start sooner than we could have. Worked very well.

NW gardener



Thus far I'm pleased...


This little Greenhouse has been great so far. We have started our seeds and everything is growing just great. There are a couple of things that should be addressed: 1. The lids do not sit tight but we placed some weather stripping and that seemed to solve that problem of lost heat 2. You must weather proof it before allowing it to be in the elements. We just used a wood sealer from the hardware store I love the storage underneath, it looks nice versus a plastic unit, and after those slight tweaks I would recommend it to friends. Maybe GS can have their manufacturer include weather stripping in the future.


Bonsall, CA


more gardening options


i really want a big greenhouse, but this is an excellent option for use on my deck... I put a heated mat made for starting seeds and that with the daily sunshine keeps this at temperatures that make growing herbs and starting garden seeds possible during this time of year... easy to assemble...


North Carolina


Elevated Patio Grow House

3.7 11


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