Biltmore Rose Care Kit


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Complete and Natural Rose Care is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • Specially formulated nutrients for naturally beautiful blooming roses with less fuss
  • Includes probiotic booster for better disease resistance and drought tolerance
  • Organic fertilizers feed ten rose plants for an entire growing season

Give your roses the vital nutrients they need and be prepared for your best blooms ever! The Biltmore® Rose Care Kit is the result of seven years of testing on more than 1500 rose plants. It includes two 5-pound bags of slow-release, granular organic fertilizer. Spring Feed (7-2-12 NPK) promotes early growth and blooming. Summer Feed (4-4-2 NPK) encourages summer-long blooms. Both fertilizers contain the diverse blend of nutrients roses need for optimal growth. The kit also includes a one-quart bottle of Rose Boost™ Liquid Concentrate, made from worm castings with a proprietary blend of probiotics. Dilute as directed, and then spray on foliage and apply to soil to support healthy roots, improve drought tolerance and help plants fight disease.

Product Details

  • 5 lbs. of Spring Feed (7-2-12 NPK) granular fertilizer (plant nutrients derived from poultry manure, biosolids, ammonium sulfate, urea and sufate of potash)
  • 5 lbs. of Summer Feed (4-4-2 NPK) granular fertilizer (plant nutrients derived from poultry manure)
  • 1 qt. bottle of Rose Boost™ Liquid Concentrate (made from worm castings, beneficial microbes, liquid humates, a protein base, humic acid, amino acid, yucca, and North American sea kelp)
  • Treats 10 rose plants for one growing season
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