American Pale Ale Refill

American Pale Ale Refill


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Additional Information

American Pale Ale Ingredients Refill: Brew Up Another Batch!

  • For use with our Homebrewer Gift Kit, sold separately
  • Includes ingredients to craft a second batch of American Pale Ale
  • Made in USA
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Beer tastes better when you brew it at home – especially when you use this proven recipe and premium ingredients. Designed to work with our Homebrewer Gift Kit (sold separately), this recipe kit includes the precise ingredients you need to make a gallon of crisp pale ale with light malt flavors. Mmm, makes us thirsty just thinking about it!

Product Details

  • Beer ingredients: malt extract, brewers' grains, hops, yeast
  • Sanitizer and brewing bag included
  • Makes 1 gallon of beer
  • Made in USA