Succulent Terrarium

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    Creating a terrarium, dish garden or living centerpiece is easier than you think! Start with small plants and then adorn your creation with pebbles, reindeer moss, curios, sea glass and other treasures to make it uniquely yours. These easy-care succulents bring intriguing textures and hues. They love bright light and dry soil. Each succulent collection includes six plants hand-selected by our growers; actual plants may vary slightly based on seasonal availability.

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    Grow a serene oasis of green or use this classic Teardrop Terrarium to showcase small curios, holiday ornaments or found objects like pebbles or sea glass. The glass pane and copper-hued metal add warmth and sparkle to your home throughout the year. Felt pads on the bottom protect your furniture. Not watertight; we recommend protecting surfaces with a waterproof tray..

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    Three gifts in one, these mini succulent gardens are perfect for anyone on your gift list — family, friend, coworker, teacher, hostess. Among the easiest plants to grow, succulents prefer bright light and need only occasional light watering. Grower’s choice of succulent varieties and pot colors (assorted Gray, White, Black or Brown). Plants may differ from photos based on availability and optimal health. You'll receive three pots in three different colors.

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    More Details Planted with a variety of succulents or other small plants, this shallow star planter creates a one-of-a-kind centerpiece. May also be used to showcase tillandsia air plants and small curios nestled in a bed of sand or reindeer moss. The copper-colored powder coating never needs polishing. Water plants carefully as there are no holes in the bottom for drainage. Note that this planter may not be water-tight; use a saucer underneath to protect surfaces from ...
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    Succulent plants are popular for their ease of care -- they'll survive with minimal maintenance and infrequent watering. However, if you'd like to get the most from your succulents, provide them with the nutrients they need to flourish. Simply mist the plants once a month with our ready-to-use Succulent Fertilizer, in addition to your regular watering schedule, and watch as your succulents grow and thrive.

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    This handsome watering can is perfectly sized for watering indoor plants. The slender, curved spout creates a gentle stream for precision pouring, making it easy to tend small pots, terrariums and dish gardens. The generous 3-quart capacity means fewer trips to the faucet.