Strawberry Garden

    Strawberry gardening provides a magical experience for kids and grown-ups alike. It's not hard to do, and the harvest of fresh, juicy, sweet berries brings instant joy. 

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    More Details Plant the six pockets with strawberries or herbs, and add even more plants to the open top. Sturdy nylon handles make the Grow Bag easy to move to the sunniest spot, or to a protected location on chilly nights. It's made from patented fabric that air-prunes roots for stronger, healthier plants. The fabric also aerates soil, prevents heat build-up and allows excess water to drain away. Grow Bags fold for storage and are reusable year ...
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    More Details Herbs, flowering annuals and strawberries look fantastic and thrive in this self-watering, 8-pocket Cascada Planter — and take less work to maintain. Three ways to display: As a stand-alone planter Stack two-high with the Cascada Expansion Kit for 2 Planters, sold separately Stack three-high with the Cascada Expansion Kit for 3 Planters, sold separately This all-in-one planter includes a specially formulated granular material, called Lechuza PON, that's made from nutrient-enriched ...
  • $39.99
    More Details Tuck herbs, strawberries and flowers into the five planting pockets of the Lechuza® Cascadino Planter. This self-watering pot keeps your plants healthy and takes the worry out of watering. There are three ways to display: As a stand-alone planter. Turn it into a hanging basket with the Cascadino Steel Hanger Accessory Kit, sold separately. Stack on top of the larger Cascada Planter, sold separately, with the Cascadino Tower Accessory Kit, sold separately. This planter includes ...
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    This terraced planter strawberry bed is sized to fit 25 strawberry plants for a big yield in a small space. We've combined our own industrial-strength aluminum corners with rot-resistant cedar to give you a sturdy, easy-to-assemble raised bed at a great price. This attractive bed is also suitable for growing flowers, herbs and salad greens.

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    Provide your berry plants with all of the nutrients they need and look forward to your biggest, tastiest and best harvest. This organic fertilizer is ideal for in-ground garden beds as well as raised beds and containers. All-natural fertilizer provides a long-lasting, slow-release supply of nutrients. This 100% organic formula helps improve soil health and won't burn roots.

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    Easy-to-install, adjustable strawberry supports elevate fruit off the ground, allowing air to circulate. This promotes even ripening and minimizes rot. Use in place of straw to decrease mold and mildew problems, especially during wet growing seasons. Innovative design allows for an easy installation on established plants.

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    More Details Showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of American artisans, this beautiful basket is handwoven in New Hampshire from strong and durable American white ash. So versatile — use it to harvest vegetables and berries, shop at the farmer's market, tote picnic supplies and arrange countertop displays of fresh-picked fruit. Originally designed for blueberry-picking in Maine. A New England tradition for more than 150 years, the Peterboro Basket Company has thrived in the heart of ...
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    Just push the button, insert the blades and twist to remove the strawberry hull. Unlike using a paring knife to slice off the top of the berry, this stem remover pulls out just the hull so there's no waste. Made by Chef'n, makers of high-quality, innovative and time-saving kitchen tools and gadgets.