Advent Calendar

    Our exclusive, heirloom-quality Advent calendars are a Christmas tradition that will suprise and delight kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews alike. 
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    More Details Create a very special advent calendar gift and treasured keepsake by placing your favorite 4" x 6" photos in the hidden slots. The recipient peels back a window each December day to reveal the photo within. At the end of the month, the calendar becomes a unique collage to hang year-round. It's a lovely way to share photos of grandchildren and special occasions with family and friends near and far and a month's worth of ...
  • $49.99
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    Start a new holiday tradition with this joyful wooden advent calendar. Each day, your child will open the door to find a tiny resin bird or animal, ready to hang on the cubby's knob. When all the doors have been opened, it will be Christmas Eve! Magnets hold the cubby's doors shut.