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Garden Dust

Garden Dust
Garden Dust, 1 Lb.
Garden Dust, 1 Lb.
Item # 05-277
Garden Dust, 4 Lbs.
Garden Dust, 4 Lbs.
Item # 05-217


  • An effective control for both insect pests and plant diseases
  • Active ingredients are copper sulfate and pyrethrins
  • A must-have for organic gardeners

Our one-step Garden Dust controls a wide array of pests and diseases on flowers and vegetables. Effective against such insects as aphids, cabbage worms, harlequin bugs, bean beetles, Japanese beetles, stink bugs, thrips, and more. It also controls diseases like bacterial spot, blights, and powdery mildew.


  • Dust kills aphids, thrips, mites, Japanese beetles, cabbage worms, cucumber beetles, asparagus beetles, bean beetles, leaf rollers, stink bugs and more
  • 1 lb. shaker can covers approx 1000 square feet
  • 4 lb. bag covers approx 4000 square feet
  • Always read and follow label directions carefully




  • Identifying the problem is the first step in finding an earth-friendly way to reduce the damage caused by garden foes. Our directory features the most common causes of garden problems.
  • How can you prevent Tomato Blight? Unfortunately, there's no silver bullet for Late Blight. The most important thing you can do: be alert, be prepared.

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