We grew tomatoes from seed, and then transplanted similarly sized plants into both plastic pots and Peel Away™ Pots. We watered and fertilized them the same way. In a few weeks it was clear that plants growing in the Peel Away Pots were larger and sturdier. Plants growing in plastic pots quickly became root-bound. Note the spiraling roots on the plant at the left. Peel Away Pots are porous, which air-prunes roots, creating a dense, healthy system of roots throughout the planting mix. When it's time to plant, Peel Away Pots make it easy. Simply peel off the sides of the pot. If you've ever struggled to remove a transplant from a plastic pot, you know it can take a lot of tugging, which invariably leads to root damage. With Peel Away Pots, you simply peel off the sides one by one, with no damage to roots. And the tomato seedling is ready to plant. With dense root systems and no damage to roots at transplant time, plants grown in Peel Away Pots suffer no transplant shock and grow faster in the garden. We grew plants side-by-side in our test garden, and the plants grown in Peel Away Pots grew faster, had thicker, sturdier stems and — most important of all — produced larger yields of juicy, delicious tomatoes.