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  • Rooted in Vermont and 100 percent employee-owned
  • Apply for work at Gardener's Supply. Current openings and application form.
  • Community service is not just a company policy, tended to by a few people. It's a founding principle that's part of our corporate culture.
  • Employees at Gardener's Supply started Company Farm in 2013. The goal: Grow and harvest food, which will be donated to local food systems that serve people in need.
  • Our Burlington, VT, headquarters are at the edge of a 700-acre floodplain known as "the Intervale". This "backyard" is a combination of farmland, forest and wetlands that's been under cultivation for centuries, going back to 3000 BC, when small groups of Native Americans camped in the area to take advantage of seasonally available resources.
  • In 1987, after our third year in business, we adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) that allows all employees to earn stock and share in company profits.
  • Where our products are made — and why.
  • At Gardener's Supply, we're confident in our products because we've tested them ourselves. Whether it's our latest innovation or a tried-and-true classic, we won't sell anything we wouldn't use in our own gardens.
  • Gardener's Supply Company does business with hundreds of suppliers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. But our largest and most important supplier is right here in Vermont.
  • Meet the gardeners who make sure our products are the best.
  • Learn more about the experts, amateurs and enthusiasts who write our articles and blog posts
  • We began with a mission that's exactly the same today as it was 25 years ago: To spread the joys and rewards of gardening, because gardening nourishes the body, elevates the spirit, builds community, and makes the world a better place.
  • When I started Gardener’s Supply in 1983, I hoped that our little company could be a force for making the world better through gardening.
  • Back in 2009, Gardener's Supply challenged staff members to come up with a video to answer the question: Why do you garden? We feel this video is one of the best. Deborah Miuccio, who created the video says, "I hope this video inspires more people to grow their own healthy food and to see how much fun it can be to get their kids involved in gardening."
  • Every purchase you make directly supports our mission of improving the world through gardening by funding grants, donations and employee volunteer-time.
  • Sick of snow? Shake it off with the employee-owners of Gardener's Supply

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