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  • Fall is a great time to freshen up your garden with new plants. You can rejuvenate a spring-planted container with a new plant, redesign a section of your garden or create something entirely new in colors of the season.
  • Over the years, Gardener’s Supply has successfully incubated and supported a number of complementary enterprises with improve-the-earth-through-business missions. Today, the approach is being exported to other countries.
  • Information for members of the media.
  • Gardener’s Supply founder Will Raap describes his latest sustainable forestry projects.
  • Lawn has a bad reputation. It is thought to be difficult, time-consuming and "heavy-feeding." However, that is only true of lawns that have poor soil with little organic matter, worms or other soil life.
  • Once the second set of true leaves appears on a seedling, it's important to begin feeding it with a dilute fertilizer solution.
  • If there's anything more enjoyable than spending time in my garden, it's spending time visiting someone else's. Whether it's a casual stroll through a public garden or a guided tour through a private landscape, I always come away refreshed and inspired. It's like falling in love all over again.
  • The 10 reasons to choose our Ultra-Bright Spotlight over a low-priced model
  • If you’d rather not look at or bother with fading daffodil foliage, pair your daffodils with summer-blooming plants, such as daylilies! The daylily foliage will emerge just after the daffodils have bloomed, and will gradually cover the fading foliage.
  • Seeds germinate fast when the soil is already nice and warm. For delicious, picture-perfect fall crops of spinach, lettuce, peas, kale and broccoli, late summer is the time to plant.
  • Techniques for maintaining a beautiful flower garden.
  • In Guanacaste, Costa Rica, gardeners face huge challenges. The year is split into two seasons: A six-month rainy season June through November, followed by a dry season that lasts from December through May.

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