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  • RETIRED 12 February 2010 Learn about organic lawn care, including mowing methods, fertilizing techniques and ways to encourage backyard biodiversity.
  • Why is a gardening company getting involved in the subject of global warming? It’s simple: we believe that global warming is the most serious environmental problem our world faces.
  • Take a look at recent issues of Gardener's News, our e-mail newsletter.
  • If your pots and planters never quite live up to your expectations, take heart! Here are five easy steps to help you enjoy colorful, abundant and eye-catching plantings that will look great all season.
  • See how our team of designers turn a patio from plain to pretty in one weekend.
  • The Spirit Song Collection from Reforest Teak is an award-winning collection of indoor/outdoor furniture, acclaimed for its revolutionary design and craftsmanship and distinguished by the company's commitment to innovative, environmental and social change.
  • Introducing Reforest Teak, a very special source for fine teak garden furniture and -- if you're lucky -- your host for a free trip to Costa Rica this winter!
  • Learn to grow vegetables as a family. Gardening with your family provides rewards beyond fresh, healthful food; it's also an opportunity to get outdoors and connect with one another. Not sure where to start? Our online planning tool makes it easy.
  • More than 19 million households are growing vegetables this summer. From the White House lawn to restaurants, school yards and backyards coast to coast, it seems everyone wants to get in the garden!
  • List of winners
  • During the 2009 gardening season, we're giving away a raised bed every week to anyone who signs up for our Grow What You Eat pledge.
  • Pictures of our 3 acres of display gardens, plus photos of employee-gardeners, customers and their gardens.
  • Looking for instructions on growing certain vegetables? You'll find answers in the Vegetable Encyclopedia.
  • The top five reasons people gave for gardening were all about feeling good: enjoying time outdoors; being connected to nature; being around flowers and other plants; relaxation, and peace of mind.

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