• Scallions

    Scallions, also known as bunching onions, are simply young onions that have not formed bulbs yet. Like other onions, they prefer well-drained soil and full sun. Read more

  • Lemon verbena

    Lemon verbena forms a shrubby plant that benefits from regular pruning to keep it from getting leggy. Fortunately, regular trimming also gives you plenty of citrusy leaves for use in beverages and dishes. Read more

  • Lavender

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  • Thai basil

    A cousin of the popular sweet basil, Thai basil has a somewhat stronger flavor with a hint of licorice and is popular in the cuisines of Southeast Asia. Read more

  • Spearmint

    The best way to grow mint is to plant it in a pot (an 8" to 10" diameter plastic nursery pot works well) and then sink the pot into the soil, leaving the top 2" of pot exposed. This confines the roots and prevents them from spreading into the surrounding soil. Read more

  • Tomatoes (cherry)

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  • Shiso

    Shiso is an annual plant with beautiful, frilly leaves, so it's decorative as well as delicious. Read more

  • Zucchini

    Growing zucchini can be easy and rewarding. Sow the seeds directly in the garden once after the last frost, or start the seeds indoors in advance. Read more

  • Mesclun

    Mesclun is a mixture of various quick-growing greens that are harvested when they're young and tender. Read more

  • Beans

    Beans are one of the easiest crops to grow in a home garden. Plant a bean seed, and it will almost certainly grow and produce a generous crop with little effort on the part of the gardener. Read more

  • Basil

    Basil is one of the most versatile herbs you can grow. Freshly picked leaves can be added to salads, sandwiches and sauces, and can be made into pesto or dried for use in the winter Read more

  • Beets

    Beets are one of the easiest vegetables you can grow. They’re almost never troubled by pests or disease. They don’t need staking, pruning or fussing. Just sow the seeds and let the plants grow for about 6-8 weeks. Read more

  • Broccoli

    Broccoli is an ideal plant for raised bed gardens. It thrives in consistently moist, rich soil, doesn't require any special care or attention and is very productive. Read more

  • Brussels Sprouts

    Brussels sprouts have a long growing season, so cold-climate gardeners almost always start out with transplants rather than seeds. Set the young plants out into the garden once the weather has settled, soon after the last frost. Read more

  • Cabbage

    Given cool weather and adequate moisture, cabbage is easy to grow. In the South, cabbage can be grown in the winter months. Read more

  • Calendula

    Calendula is an edible flower that's especially easy to sow and grow -- almost foolproof. Read more