Tractor Trailer Delivery

Large furniture, greenhouses and certain other oversized items will be delivered to your home by tractor-trailer. Delivery usually takes between three to four weeks. You will need to be present to receive the delivery. You will probably need someone to help you unload your items (the tractor-trailer driver is not required to help).

We will give the trucking company your daytime telephone number. Once your shipment arrives in your area, a representative from the trucking company will call you to arrange a delivery date and time. You will have up to five business days from this contact to accept delivery. Please note that the trucking company only delivers from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Your standard freight delivery costs are pre-paid, but you will be responsible for any additional shipping or storage costs if you are not available to accept delivery within five business days, or if you request delivery to a different address.

A 40-foot-long tractor-trailer requires a good deal of room to maneuver. Please inform the trucking company representative of any obstacles in the path of the truck, such as low wires, a narrow and/or winding driveway or no place to turn around. If there are obstacles, you might have to meet the truck at the closest access point with a truck, van or other cargo vehicle.

Upon delivery, you will need to sign for the items on the "Bill of Lading" (B.O.L.). Please open the package(s) and inspect the items for damage before signing. If you see any damage, note the details on the B.O.L. and call our customer service team immediately at 1-800-876-5520.