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Spider Mite

Leaves under attack by spider mites appear stippled and often have a bronzed look. If mites are left unchecked, the leaves will eventually yellow and die.

If you notice these symptoms, look very closely and you’ll see what appear to be tiny spiders with spiderlike webbing around them. These eight-legged creatures are mites, not spiders, and they feed on plant juices of many types of vegetable crops, fruit trees, and ornamentals. Spider mites live – and lay their eggs – on the undersides of leaves where they often go unnoticed until their webbing is visible and the plant is suffering. Warm temperatures and low humidity are ideal environmental conditions for spider mites. They are found throughout North America.

Prevention and Control
  • Discourage spider mites by keeping plants cool and moist. Spray or mist plants daily when the weather is hot and dry.
  • Encourage the natural predators that control spider mites. Promote a healthy backyard ecosystem by avoiding the use of insecticides. You may also release beneficial insects.

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