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Watch: Bottle Trees

Garden art is nothing less than joie de vivre on a stick

Photos by Felder Rushing, author of Bottle Trees and the Whimsical Art of Garden Glass,

Before being introduced to America in 1600s, ancient bottle trees originated in the Middle East where, based on 3,000 year old Arabian folk tales (remember Aladdin and his lamp genie?), they were thought to capture bad spirits. Whether or not you buy into superstition, they are certainly interesting garden accessories.

For more information, read Felder's blog post, Bottle Trees: joie de vivre on a Stick.

Create Your Own Bottle Tree

  • Bottle Tree: Made of powder-coated steel, this tree is 63" tall when installed and includes four 7" ground stakes for stability. Holds up to 16 1-liter bottles.
  • Colorful Bottles: Set includes three 8-3/4" bottles (one each of amber, red and cobalt blue) and three 12-1/2" bottles (one each of green, purple and orange).

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