Fill Garden Gaps with Outdoor Decor

Creative ornaments add color, motion, light and pizzazz

Sparkling garden decor

The handcrafted Beaded String Stake sparkles with glass beads that bob and sway in the breeze, sending color dancing all around.

Landscaping Ideas

FLOWERS are the stars of the garden, but what do you do when a plague of beetles, drought or neglect knocks out a section in the border? Experienced gardeners know that it helps to have a few well-chosen ornaments on hand. Garden art gives your space personality and true perennial pleasure — up close or from a drive-by distance.

Morning Glory Lights

Solar-powered Morning Glory Lights

Choose pieces that fit your garden's theme or character: playful or serene, spare or eclectic, colorful or color-themed. Determine whether the pieces will be viewed from the street, a footpath, porch or window. Bright colors, light reflection, movement and large, bold pieces are good attributes for distance viewing and public garden spaces. In smaller, more intimate gardens, choose decor that matches the scale, with subtler color, sound, size and motion.

Next time you feel your garden needs "a little something", consider a well-placed ornament or sculpture. Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

Bamboo fountain

Trickling water brings serenity to intimate spaces and helps mask neighborhood noise.

Painted daisies in ferns

Daisy Bouquet Stakes bloom year round and add a pop of color to ferns and shady garden corners.

Stone ramp

Bright colors, such as the blue in these pots, draw the eye through the landscape.

Stone owls

A family of stone owls anchors the end of a stone wall and serves as a focal point against green groundcovers and shrubs.

Water bowl

Still water with floating glass orbs reflects light and makes a small space seem larger.

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