Lily Rain Chain
Assembly Instructions

Rain chains have been used for centuries to guide rain into large holding pots to save and use later in the garden and household. The Japanese concept of the rain chain is called Kusari Doi, a beautiful solution for guiding water from your rain gutter or roof to a container or rain barrel. The Lily Rain Chain is designed to be attached to a rain gutter outlet in place of a drain pipe or downspout. However, the rain chain can be hung in almost any area where rain naturally funnels off the roof. For best results, attach the rain chain to a gutter with an outlet located in the base of the gutter. If you’re not attaching the rain chain to a rain gutter, you will need to provide your own attachment hardware for your situation.

Step 1. Link together the Leader Chain (top chain) with the 5 sections of the rain chain (Fig. 2). Fully connected, the rain chain is approx. 9-1/2 feet long.

Step 2. Slide the copper wire through the large ring of the leader chain and bring the ends of the wire together.

Step 3. Insert the ends of the copper wire up through the opening of the rain gutter. Cross the wire and bend the ends to make a "hook" on each end. Secure the "hooked" ends to the sides of the rain gutter (Fig. 3). Use pliers to pinch the ends of the wire securely to the sides of the gutter. For best results, the rain chain should be centered below the outlet to catch the rainwater as it funnels out. When it rains, water will flow directly down the middle of the rain chain and produce the lovely effect of cascading water.

Step 4. Place a rain barrel, pot, or other decorative water container on the ground below the rain chain to capture the water. Or, prepare a drainage area using stone or gravel.

Step 5. The rain chain can be shortened by removing an entire section (approx. 21"). Or, you can use a wire cutter to cut through a loop to permanently remove a lower chain link (approx. 5").

You can lengthen the rain chain by 20" using the Lily Rain Chain Extension.

Use and Storage Tips * We recommend using a rain gutter screen or strainer in your gutter outlet to prevent leaves from clogging the rain chain.
* To prevent damage to the copper, remove the entire rain chain during freezing temperatures.
* Over time, the copper will naturally turn to a pleasant green patina.

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