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T-8 Bulbs

Important Safety Information

T-8 bulbs are only for use in light fixtures that are specifically designed for T-8 bulbs. Be sure to check the labeling on your fixture to make sure it is specifically identified as being compatible with T-8 bulbs. T-8 bulbs should not be used in light fixtures that take T-12 bulbs. T-8 bulbs can fit and work in a T-12 ballast, but the strength of a T-12 ballast will shorten the usable lifespan of the T-8 bulbs by 30 percent or more and may result in overheating the fixture, causing a fire hazard.

Getting the most from your lights:
SunLite T-8 Fluorescent bulbs are 20% more energy efficient than coventional grow lights. They last up to 4,000 hours longer, and perform better over time -- even after burning for 10,000 hours, they retain 95% of their original output. They also contain less mercury; that's good for the environment. And SunLite T-8 bulbs use quiet electronic ballasts with no annoying buzz.

  • When the ends of a fluorescent light tube darken, it means that the light is aging. Light output from an old tube can be less than half that of a new tube. Replace the light tube when this darkening occurs.
  • An accumulation of dust and dirt can dramatically reduce the amount of light your plants receive. Be sure to clean your fluorescent tubes monthly with a soft dry cloth.
  • T-8, 32-watt fluorescent light tubes can provide many years of use (up to 24,000 hours); however, when it comes time to dispose of light tubes, please do so responsibly at your nearest waste recycling center.

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