Instructions for the Wirework Storage Baskets

The Wirework Storage Baskets come in a set of three that can be nested for storage. Each basket holds up to 10 pounds.

The baskets can be used with Optional Jute Liners.

Storing Root Vegetables in the Baskets with Optional Jute Liners

Line each basket with a jute liner.

Fill each basket with the vegetables you want to store. Potatoes, turnips,onions and squash will keep well when placed inside the liner.

For best results, the Wire Bins should be stored in a cool, dark cellar or outbuilding.

More Information

Articles Books for Further Reading
  • Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables by Mike and Nancy Bubel, Storey Publishing, 1991, 1979.
  • Vegetable Harvest and Storage by Denny Schrock, Department of Horticulture at University of Missouri Extension, 1998.

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