Instructions for the Water Glutton Stair Treads

These mildew- and stain-resistant Water Glutton Stair Treads are made of UV-stabilized natural rubber to resist wear and ensure long-lasting protection for stairs. They provide sure footing and also do a great job of cleaning off your shoes.

Caution: Stair Treads are not intended as replacements for, or to be used in conjunction with, sand or ice-melting products.

Securing the Treads to Stairs

For safety, we recommend applying one stair tread to each step. This will maintain a consistent rise and help prevent falls or tripping caused by an uneven distance between stairs.

To keep the treads from slipping, they must be attached with screws, a staple gun, adhesive or carpet tacks. The hardware needed to secure the treads depends on what your stairs are made of. Check with your local hardware store for the appropriate size and type of hardware needed to secure the treads to your stairs.

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