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Instructions for the Warming Muff

The Warming Muff provides a cozy and therapeutic way to warm cold arthritic hands.

Directions for heating: Heat the muff in a clean microwave for 1-1/2 minutes only. DO NOT OVERHEAT! Test temperature before use. If you desire more heat, shake gently and extend the heating time by 15 second intervals to avoid scorching.

  • Use the ties located inside the muff to keep the inserts from shifting.
  • The zipper can be detached to open the muff for a flat shape.

Important: Use caution when applying a heated wrap. Do not use on sensitive skin. People suffering from nerve damage, circulation problems or paralysis should use this product only as directed by a physician.

Use only with adult supervision

Washing instructions for cover: Wash outer cover only. Remove insert before washing. Machine wash cover in cold water, gentle cycle, hang dry. Do not wash insert. Spot-clean insert with damp cloth as needed.

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