Tomato Cages can be used individually, or they can be stacked -- one on top of the other -- to support larger tomato plants. Stacked cages also provide good support for pole beans and climbing varieties of peas.

  1. For ease of installation and to prevent the legs from bending, loosen the soil to a depth of 8 to 12 inches before installing the Tomato Cage. This is especially important when starting a new garden bed.
  2. It's best to install the Tomato Cage at planting time when the plants are still small. This will avoid damaging the roots, which could occur if the support is installed later in the season.
Stacking Instructions
Place the lower cage on the ground where you want it and press the legs firmly into the soil. Place the upper cage on top of the lower cage, guiding the legs inside the four corners of the lower cage. Use wire or lashing cord to tie the two cages together.

For greater stability, we recommend using wooden stakes or guy wires to secure the lower cage to the ground.

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