Instructions for the Self-Watering Vegetable Planter

Self-Watering Vegetable Planter

Assembly and Planting

Step 1. Set the planter upside down on a firm surface. Install the casters by pushing the caster leg into the center hole of each corner. Press firmly until the casters lock into place.

Step 2. Turn the planter right-side up. Locate the four platform “wings” in the bottom of the planter. Push them down firmly to lock them into place.

Step 3. Prepare 44 quarts of planting mix by moistening it thoroughly. We recommend Self-Watering Container Mix or Organic Self-Watering Container Mix. Add a slow-release granular fertilizer, such as our All-Purpose Fertilizer or Organic Tomato Fertilizer.

Step 4. Fill the Planter with planting mix to within 2 to 3" of the top edge.

Step 5. Add your plants or seeds and additional planting mix, if needed.

Step 6. Water the planter from the top to thoroughly moisten the soil and settle the plant roots or seeds. Fill the reservoir by pouring water into the water fill hole in the side of the planter. Maintain even soil moisture either by watering from the top or by filling the reservoir through the fill hole.

To check the water level, look into the water fill hole or use your finger. Daily inspection may be necessary, especially if you live in a hot, dry climate or experience extended periods of dry weather. Plants will use more water as they grow larger.

If the soil becomes too wet, allow the water level in the reservoir to drop and the soil to drain thoroughly before refilling.

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