Instructions for the Self-Watering Tray

Self-Watering Tray

Place the platform in the water reservoir base. Be sure the lip around the rim of the platform is positioned up. Moisten the capillary mat then lay it on the platform (shiny side up) with the mat extending over the unnotched end. Make sure the extended end of the mat is inside the reservoir. Fill the reservoir with water.

Place seedling trays or plant pots on top of the tray. To ensure capillary action is established, the soil in the bottom of each growing cell or pot must make contact with the mat. If it does not, firm the soil until it contacts the mat.

After planting, water the seedlings or plants thoroughly from above. Watering the soil from above ensures that the soil will have good contact with the mat and will continue to wick moisture from the mat to the germinating seeds or plants.


The water reservoir will hold enough water to keep the capillary mat moist for about five days. Check the water level regularly. The capillary mat should be damp at all times. If it dries out, thoroughly moisten the mat to re-establish the capillary action before replacing it under the seedlings or pots.

If the soil seems too wet, remove the mat for a couple of days so the soil can dry out. To keep roots from growing into the capillary mat, lift the cell pack off the mat once or twice a week.

Cleaning and Reusing the Self-Watering Tray

Wash all parts with warm water to remove soil and other debris from surfaces. Soak the capillary mat in a diluted bleach solution and rinse in clean water. Store the entire unit away from sunlight when not in use.

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