Assemble the Heron Spitter

Instructions for the Heron Spitter

Assembly and Use
  • Set the Heron Spitter on the level place with its mouth facing a pond.                               
  • Connect the tube to the outlet of the pump and to the inlet of crane.
  • Place the pump in the water.
  • Plug in the pump and turn the switch on; after a short while the water will spit from the heron's mouth.
  • The flow rate can be increased or decreased by moving the flow rate switch toward MAX or MIN .
 Care and Maintenance
  • Check the water level regularly; the pump should always be fully submersed, even when not in use. Never allow the pump to run dry. 
  • In cold winter areas, store the pump and spitter in an area where it cannot freeze.
  • Clean the spitter and pump periodically. The frequency will depend on the weather and location of the spitter.  The outside of the spitter can be cleaned using a soft cloth and clean water and the pump with a soft brush.  A mild detergent can be used, if necessary, but it will cause the water to foam.
  • The use of an GFI circuit breaker is strongly recommended. Follow good working practices for electrical safety, particularly if using extension leads, and if area becomes wet.
  • Always unplug the fountain before placing your hands in the water.
  • Insert plug into indoor outlets only, unless the outlet has a protective enclosure.
  • Make sure the outlet is above the height of the cable exit point.
  • Do not bury the cable. Keep it clear of areas where it might become snagged or damaged.
  • Do not use the pump when the water is frozen
  • Do not use the pump for flammable liquids.
  • Ensure the crane is only placed on surfaces that will not get marked or damaged by water splashing. 
  • Wildlife may drink from your pond water, so do not treat the water with toxic chemicals.

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