Instructions for the Garden Maypole

More than a beanpole, our Garden Maypole is a crowning centerpiece for your garden. Use it as a space-saving support for pole beans or for climbing flowers, such as morning glories. The crown has 15 hooks and sits atop a high pole.


Important: In high-wind areas we recommend additional anchoring for the maypole.

1. Prepare the planting area and place the four-pronged footing on top of the prepared area.

2. Connect the three sections of the pole and insert the pole into the footing and slide the crown on top of the pole. Hang the hooks around the perimeter of the crown.

3. String twine between the hooks and the ground pegs and stake the pegs into the ground around the footing, approximately 1 to 1-1/2 feet from the pole, creating a cone-shaped support. Broadcast with 1 cup of All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer at planting time and 1/2 cup mid season ( after 30 to 35 days).

4. Plant three bean seeds at the base of each string in an equilateral triangle about 2″ on a side and point toward the string. After the seeds have sprouted, thin to one strong plant per string. Water regularly and watch your beans grow.

5. Once the harvest is over, you can toss the plants, biodegradable twine and all, into the compost pile.

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