Instructions for the Fiddlehead Double Rocker

Fiddlehead Double Rocker
Parts List
  • 1 Seat/Back
  • 1 Left Side
  • 1 Right Side
  • 3 Straight Tubes
  • 12 Phillips-head 1.5" Bolts

We recommend assembling the Fiddlehead Double Rocker on a soft surface to avoid scratching the finish. Step 6 may be easier with two people.

Step 1. Organize the parts. Identify the Left and Right Sides by locating the two support tabs on each side. The tabs extend toward the inside of the Rocker and will support the seat when assembled.

Step 2. Set the Seat/Back piece on its side so that its right side is up and the left side is resting on the ground.

Step 3. Lay the Right Side on top of the Seat/Back with the support tabs under the seat. Align the curves of the Seat/Back and Right Side, matching the screw holes. Insert and tighten the Bolt #1 into the hole located at the curve of the seat and back.

Step 4. Insert Bolt #2 at the top of the back and Bolt #3 at the front edge of the seat.

Step 5. With the Rocker still on its side, attach the Straight Tubes to the Right Side. Attach the center tube first (Bolt #4), then the back (Bolt #5) and front tubes (Bolt #6).

Step 6. Carefully turn the Rocker over so that the assembled Right Side is down and the left side is up. This may be easier with two people. Repeat Steps 3 through 5 to attach the Left Side.

Step 7. Set the completed Rocker on its base and you're done!

Care and Maintenance

To prevent scratching, we recommend using the Rocker on a soft surface, such as grass or wood. The steel may rust if the powder coating is nicked or damaged. Touch up scratches with paint, if needed. In cold climates, bring the rocker indoors or cover for the winter.

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