Instructions for the Fast Start™ Seedstarter

Fast Start parts list

The Fast Start™ Seedstarter includes the following parts:

1 — Greenhouse Cover holds in heat and moisture for fast seed germination.

2 — Earth-friendly, biodegradable Planting Tray is sturdy enough to last through the season.

3 — Machine-washable Capillary Mat wicks up water and delivers it as needed without over- or under-watering.

4 — Platform supports the Planting Tray and holds the Capillary Mat.

5 — Leak-proof Reservoir automatically supplies water for up to a week and is dishwasher-safe.

How to Assemble and Use

1 Moisten the Capillary Mat and place it on the Platform so that one end of the mat is flush with one end of the Platform.

Step 1

2 Set the Platform into the Reservoir, tucking the extended end of the Capillary Mat down into the reservoir.

Step 2

3 Set the Planting Tray on the Capillary Mat.

Step 3

4 Fill the cells of the Planting Tray with moist seedstarting mix and press down firmly to eliminate air pockets.

Step 4

5 Plant one or more seeds into each cell, following seed packet instructions for planting depth.

Step 5

6 After planting, moisten the seedstarting mix from above with a gentle spray to settle the mix.

Step 6

7 Fill the Reservoir to just below the Platform.

Step 7

8 Place the Greenhouse Cover over the Planting Tray to retain warmth and moisture for faster germination.

Step 8

9 Check daily and remove the Greenhouse Cover as soon as seedlings emerge. Place under a bright light source and replace water in reservoir as needed.

Step 9
Reusing the Fast Start Seedstarter

The Fast Start Seedstarter is durable and easy to clean for year-after-year success. After each use,

  • 1. Wash the Greenhouse Cover, Platform and Reservoir in warm, soapy water. (The Platform and Reservoir are dishwasher-safe, use top shelf only). Store out of direct sunlight when not in use.
  • 2. Rinse the Capillary Mat to remove debris. Machine wash (gentle cycle) and hang to dry.
  • 3. The Planting Tray is made from biodegradable, cornstarch-based PLA and is designed for one season of use. Use new Planting Trays for each round of seedstarting.

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