Instructions for the Calla Lily


Temperature: The Calla Lily tolerates 40-90 degrees F., but 55-70 degrees F. is ideal. It can withstand short, light frosts, but nothing more severe.

Light: Bright light to full sun.

Water: Keep it evenly moist. The bulbs will rot if the soil remains wet for too long.

Fertilizer: None while in bloom. During growth, supply fertilizer for acid-loving plants.

Soil: 4 parts sand mixed with 1 part peat moss.

Garden suitability: You can grow a calla lily outdoors if your area never gets frost. Otherwise, you can grow the bulb indoors — and then store the bulbs and try to get another year of bloom. Follow the instructions below.

After Bloom

After the blooms have faded and the leaves begin to yellow, discontinue watering and allow the foliage to dry completely. Store the plant until fall in a cool, dry area where the bulb will not freeze.

About mid-December, remove the bulbs from the soil. If they appear firm and healthy, replant them in sandy soil (4 parts sand mixed with 1 part peat) in a slightly larger pot. Water well. Give the plant lots of light, even full sun, and maintain the recommended temperature (55-70 degrees F.) Feed moderately until the blooms appear.

Growing Outdoors

If you live in an area that never gets frost, you can plant the calla lily outdoors. Plant it in a sunny area. Calla lily bulbs will rot if the soil remains wet, so well-drained soil is essential. Give it some fertilizer, keep the soil moderately moist and, with luck, you will get new growth and blossoms.

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