Instructions for the Ball Fountain

How to assemble the Ball Fountain
Assembly and Use
  • Dig a hole in the ground to fit the plastic reservoir and place the reservoir in the hole.
  • Put the tube through the cover; screw the stainless steel ball onto the cover.
  • Connect the tube to the outlet of pump.
  • Put pump on the middle of the reservoir; cover the reservoir .
  • Decorate the cover with the cleaned river stones.
  • Fill the reservoir with water.
  • Plug in the pump and turn it on; after a short while, the water will start to flow .
  • Adjust the flow rate moving the flow rate switch toward MAX or MIN.
Care and Maintenance
  • Make sure the pump is covered with water at all times. It will be necessary to check more frequently in warm or windy weather. Never allow the pump to run dry.
  • Do not allow the fountain and pump to freeze when temperatures drop to 32 degrees F. and lower. Drain the pump and bring it indoors.
  • Change the water and clean the fountain and reservoir when it gets dirty. The frequency will depend on the weather and location of the fountain. The outside of the fountain can be cleaned with a soft cloth and clean water. The reservoir can be cleaned with a soft brush.  A mild detergent can be used but it will cause the water to foam.
  • The use of an GFI circuit breaker is strongly recommended. Follow good working practices for electrical safety, particularly if using extension leads, and if area becomes wet.
  • Always unplug the fountain before placing hands in the water.
  • Insert plug into an indoor electrical outlet only, unless the plug is used inside a protective enclosure.
  • Always ensure that the electrical outlet is above the height of the cord exit point.
  • Do not bury the cord. Keep it clear of areas where it may become snagged or damaged.
  • Always empty the fountain before moving it to a new location.
  • Do not use the pump when the water is frozen or use it to pump flammable liquids.
  • Make sure the fountain is only placed on surfaces that will not get marked or damaged by water splashing. 
  • Wildlife might drink from your fountain, so do not treat the water with toxic chemicals.

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