Instructions for the Aqua Pebbles

Aqua Pebbles are made from natural clay (terra cotta) that has been fired at high temperatures, creating a lightweight, porous material that holds water and then releases it slowly as plants need it. The space between the pebbles creates pockets of oxygen- and moisture-rich air in which plant roots thrive.


Aqua Pebbles are great for terrariums. Get step-by-step instructions in the article How to Plant a Terrarium.

Our exclusive blend includes pebbles in a variety of sizes to create the optimum amount of air space. Commonly used in hydroponics and terrariums and as a potting medium for orchids, the clay pebbles are also ideal in container plantings.

In planters and window boxes, place a layer of Aqua Pebbles at the bottom and then fill the rest with soil mix. Use Aqua Pebbles for up to one-third of the container volume to reduce the weight of large planters and increase root aeration and water-holding capacity. Roots grow into the pebble layer, where they have access to both the water and the oxygen they need. The pebbles may also be used as decorative surface mulch.

Aqua Pebbles may be reused indefinitely. First, sift out old roots and soil. A compost/soil sifter or kitchen colander works well for this step. Then, sterilize the pebbles by soaking them in a mild bleach solution (one part bleach to ten parts water) until they are thoroughly wet. Rinse several times in clear water and then allow them to dry completely for a day or two. The chlorine from the bleach will dissipate as the pebbles dry.

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