Our Team of Garden Testers

Meet the gardeners who make sure our products are the best

Test results from Amy Dunfee

Amy Dunfee's children pick the first harvest in her test planters. She gardens with her family in Kalamazoo, MI.

Deborah Miuccio

Deborah Miuccio

As Product Testing and Research Coordinator, I test, test, and retest our products in the backyard of our headquarters in Burlington, VT to make sure they work for our customers.

"Thanks for letting me do this. It has been a lot of fun and I have finally grown some potted tomatoes! I have never before had success with tomatoes in pots."
—Jane Peterson,
Scotts, MI

I also coordinate our nationwide program, which gets gardeners from around the country involved in testing. We want to make sure that our products perform well in different hardiness zones, climates, elevations and situations. We also know that it is risky to do all the testing in one place because diseases, such as late blight, could devastate our test crops, leaving us with a summer of no results.

Just like our customers, our testers come from all over the country, and range in ability from novice gardener to professional grower.

The enthusiasm, commitment, and hard work of our testers has been outstanding. Because of their efforts, we can bring better products to all of our customers.

Meet some of the testers who've worked with us:

Moon Kim and Sarah Bouscaren

Moon Kim of Scarsdale, NY, (left) and Sarah Bouscaren of San Diego, CA.

Lucinda Trombly and Phil Wood

Phil Wood of Gardner, MA, and Lucinda Trombly of Fort Collins, CO.

Jackie Thiebe and Suzanne LaVallee

Jackie Thiebe of Seattle, WA, and Suzanne LaVallee of Hyannis, MA.

Jane Peterson, Helga Smith and Debbie Winebrenner

Jane Peterson of Scotts, MI; Helga Smith of Milton, DE; and Debbie Winebrenner of Perkins, OK.

Amy Dunfee and Jeanne Grist

Amy Dunfee and family (Kalamazoo, MI); and Jeanne Grist and family (Madison, WI).

Mariana Lamaison, Virginia Adams and Jerry Parker

Mariana Lamaison of Media, PA; Virginia Adams of Sun City, AZ; and Jerry Parker of Converse, TX.

Norman Feldman, New York, NY.

Rachel Foreman and Robin Taylor of Fountain House, New York, NY.

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