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Donations: Who We Donate to and Why

8 Percent for Gardening and the Environment

Green Education Foundation

Jimmy and Morrell, Mill Village Farms Youth Partners, amend garden beds at Sullivan Street Farm. At its three garden sites, Mill Village Farms in Greenville, SC, cultivates an abundance of local, healthy food and community pride in an urban neighborhood where access to fresh produce is limited. MVF also provides first-time job opportunities for inner-city youth, encouraging them to be hard workers, entrepreneurs, and farmers.

Other Ways to Get People Growing

Donation Request Information

We receive hundreds of donation requests every year and we are unable to fulfill every request, even if your organization meets all of our criteria. We have alliocated our donations for 2015 and will not be reviewing new requests until Sept. 1, 2015. Before submitting a request, review the Donation FAQs.

Special Discount Program

Gardener's Supply offers a special discount program of up to 25 percent for eligible nonprofits. Call (888) 560-1037 to find out if your organization qualifies.

At Gardener's Supply, we believe that gardening can bring about positive change in people's lives, in our communities and in the environment. We donate 8% of our company profits to programs and organizations that are using gardening to improve the world. It's a commitment we made on our first day of business back in 1983.

We focus on nonprofit organizations that are working on gardening, sustainable agriculture, the environment and hunger-related causes. In 2014 our donations will be focused primarily on gardening as a way to relieve hunger.

Here's a roundup of key organizations we support, nationally and locally:

American Community Gardening Association

The Parsons Community Garden in Parsons, KS, started in 2010 on two city blocks of FEMA buyout land. By May of 2011, 187 plots, six accessible beds and one herb garden were established, providing space for 94 gardeners.

American Community Gardening Association (ACGA)

We offer grants to community gardens through the American Community Gardening Association, the oldest community gardening organization in the United States. ACGA provides leadership resources in the areas of advocacy, education and best practices. Its mission is to have a sustainable garden in every community.

Learn more in the article Community Gardening.

Green Education Foundation and the Green Thumb Challenge (GEF)

The Green Education Foundation is a nonprofit that prepares environmental education resources for Pre-K-12 classrooms and youth groups. They also provide free Pre-K-8 content, including standards-based lessons, fun activities, songs and book recommendations that link gardening to science, art, math and language arts.

The Green Thumb Challenge, a gardening initiative of GEF, has helped start over 8,000 school and youth gardens since 2009, and is well on its way to reaching toward its goal of 10,000 new gardens. Gardener's Supply offer garden grants through the Green Thumb Challenge.

Learn more in the article About the Green Education Foundation.

Ample Harvest enables gardeners to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in their own connects more than 40 million Americans with excess food in their garden and local food pantries. Garden by garden, home and community gardeners and other growers are fighting hunger and malnutrition in America. No Food Left Behind. Learn more at

The Intervale Center

We're proud of our backyard restoration of the Intervale, a piece of land in Burlington, VT. Under the stewardship and leadership of company founder Will Raap, and Gardener's Supply employee-owners, this land has undergone a complete transformation from a trash-filled wasteland to a nationally-recognized center for sustainable agriculture. Located adjacent to our corporate headquarters, the Intervale now hosts more than a dozen independent farms, producing almost 10 percent of our city's fresh produce.

Vermont Community Garden Network
and Healthy City Youth Initiative

The Vermont Community Garden Network is a nonprofit that supports a thriving network of community, school and neighborhood gardens accessible to Vermonters of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds. One of the group's programs, the Healthy City Youth Initiative, was recently named by the USDA as one of the top farm-to-school programs in the country.

Donations: Frequently Asked Questions

What is your donation policy?
We are an employee-owned company that gives 8% of its pre-tax profits to organizations supporting gardening, sustainable agriculture, environmental and food and hunger-related issues.

What national organizations do you support?
The American Community Gardening Association, the Green Education Foundation, Kitchen Gardeners International and Ample Harvest are three of the major groups we underwrite with cash and products.

Do you offer grants to gardening organizations and/or projects?
We work closely with our national nonprofit partners to provide financial support and products for gardening organizations. Those funds have been allocated through 2015.

How does a Vermont nonprofit apply for a donation or sponsorship from Gardener's Supply?
We do not generally provide cash sponsorship for events outside our current Vermont partners: the Intervale Center, Vermont Community and the Flynn Center. For a product donation, please submit a request after Sept. 1, 2015

What kind of help is available for youth, school or community gardens?
We support kids' gardening through the Green Thumb Challenge at Green Education Foundation. For more information, call GEF at (888) 668-2298. We support community gardens through the American Community Gardening Association.

Do you offer a discount to nonprofits?
We have a special discount program of up to 25 percent for eligible nonprofits. Call (888) 511-2132 to find out if your organization qualifies or see our commercial accounts page.

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