Slideshow: Decorating With Light

By day, [a href=""]Frosted LED Snowflakes[/a] are delightful window decorations; by night they glow. Set includes five different snowflakes. Choose white lights or color-changing lights. Wireless! Glowing dragonflies with fiber optic wings cycle through a spectrum of colors. The [a href=""]Fiber Optic Dragonfly String Light[/a] is battery-powered, so you can display it anywhere. The [a href=""]Filigree Ball Light Garden[/a] is perfect for dressing up your holiday tree, garland or wreath. Each 1" stamped-steel lantern contains a warm-white LED. Battery-powered. Simply fill your favorite clear jars with Christmas ornaments and battery-powered [a href=""]Micro Dot Lights[/a] for colorful and festive displays. In our [a href=""]Wooden Star Light Garland[/a], light shines through laser-cut scrolls in the natural balsa wood stars. Battery-powered so you can display it anywhere. [a href=""]Triple LED Pillars with Timer[/a] are as beautiful outdoors as in; just keep in a location that is protected from direct sun and rain. With the [a href=""]Ice Globe Luminary Kit[/a], you can line a walkway with sparkling spheres. Fill the biodegradable latex balloons with water and freeze them outdoors — if the weather's cold enough — or in your freezer. The kit includes everything you need to make six 10" Ice Globes, plus six wax tea lights. [a href=""]Ice Globe Luminaries[/a] can also be used with [a href=""]Submersible LED Tea Lights[/a] and [a href=""]Submersible Colorful LED Lights[/a], sold separately. Highlight your collection of found objects, such as these old jars, with [a href=""]Super-Bright LED Tea Lights[/a]. Create rhythm through repetition with several lanterns and [a href=""]Super-Bright LED Tea Lights[/a]. Adorn [a href=""]Winter Branch Lights[/a] with brilliant baubles. An intriguing cascade of stars is suspended within the frosty [a href=""]Pyramid Star Light[/a], creating the perfect backdrop for a tabletop display. Make a welcome entryway by flanking both sides of a door with [a href=""]Sap Buckets[/a] filled with evergreen boughs and [a href=""]LED Berry Branch[/a] lights. [a href=""]LED Berry Branch[/a] [a href=""]LED Berry Branch[/a] [a href=""]LED Berry Branch[/a] [a href=""]Micro Dot Lights[/a]: These tiny lights on bendable wires are versatile additions to any display. [a href=""]Micro Dot Lights[/a] [a href=""]White Snowflake Micro Dot Lights[/a] [a href=""]Blue Star Micro Dot Lights[/a] Get an instant pop of color with [a href=""]Chinese Lantern LED Lights[/a] Highlight the beautiful forms of garden structures at night with our [a href=""]Solar-Powered String Lights[/a]. [a href=""]Solar-Powered String Lights[/a] illuminate your trick or treat destination. Cluster [a href=""]Mercury Glass Globes with Lights[/a] among greens and ribbon to create a twinkly centerpiece. [a href=""]Triple LED Pillars with Timer[/a]: Get the classic look of pillar candles without drips or flames. Mix and match colors, or cluster several of the same color for a sophisticated look. [a href=""]Snowball Solar String Lights[/a] [a href=""]Pierced Porcelain Table Lamps[/a] [a href=""]Micro Dot Lights[/a]: Add unexpected color and light to traditional decorations. No plug? No problem! These blue lights are powered by batteries. Larger, widely spaced lights add a soft glow to a large section of the garden.

Winter can be a dark time because the days are shorter. But you can temper the darkness by adding light — indoors and out. Here are some tips for creating bright spots in your landscape:

Holiday Lighting

LED holiday lights, cordless window candles, and decorative solar lights will create a bold display while reducing your energy bills.

  • Position lights where you can enjoy them from indoors. Use your windows as "frames" to help you decide where to put lights.
  • In hard-to-reach locations, try solar lights or battery-powered lights.
  • Use a timer so lights will come on and turn off automatically. With a dimmer switch — sold at hardware stores — you can create more subtle effects.
  • Instead of stringing lights on a tree's upper branches, try outlining the trunk with closely spaced lights.
  • Safety first: If you're hanging lights up high, be sure to use a sturdy ladder. Make sure lights and extension cords are rated for use outdoors. Don't overload a circuit by attaching too many sets to a single outlet.

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