What to Look for
When Buying Teak Furniture

“We spent a decade seeking the best source for outdoor teak furniture and accessories; the best quality, value and environmental impact…our search ended in Costa Rica.”
—Will Raap, Founder, Gardener's Supply
Reforest teak products

Reforest Teak products are hand made by craftsmen in Costa Rica.

Teak is the wood of choice for boat-builders and craftsmen the world over. The wood's dense, clear grain gives it unmatched strength and beauty, and its high oil content makes it virtually impervious to the elements. A bench, table or garden accessories made from teak can easily last a lifetime—no wonder it is one of the world's most valued hardwoods!

But all teak is not the same. These days, a lot of the teak furniture for sale is of questionable quality and origin. Before you invest in teak furniture, take a look at Reforest Teak™ products.

Premier Quality Wood

Most Reforest Teak furniture is made from the very best teak there is: premium heartwood, kiln-dried, First European Quality (FEQ)-grade teak. This is the same premium grade used in luxury yachts. So that no wood is wasted, some smaller items, such as planters and small stools, are made with “standard grade” teak from the same trees. This teak is also strong and weather-resistant, but with a more open, marbled grain.

Reforest teak joinery

Mortise-and-tenon joinery and marine-grade hardware ensure a tight, weatherproof fit.

Superior Design and Construction

Teak furniture is only as good as the people who make it, and the Costa Rican craftsmen who make Reforest Teak furniture are among the best. They carefully fit each mortise-and-tenon joint, and hand-sand each piece to a velvety finish. They use exclusively non-corroding, marine-grade, stainless-steel hardware, and the same waterproof adhesives used for aircraft. Any dowels used are also teak, even though you will never see them.

Attention to detail is also apparent in the design. Reforest Teak furniture embraces the body with subtly curved arms and rounded edges. Seats are just a little wider than usual, and cupped for comfort. Even the seat backs are shaped to your body’s natural curves. This is furniture that’s meant to be used, not just admired.

Reforest teak is hand-sanded

Each piece is hand-sanded and individually inspected.

The Reforest Teak Environmental Advantage

No doubt you’ve heard about some of the destructive logging practices that are degrading forests around the world. Most teak plantations aren’t much better; grown as monocultures and then clear-cut, they do little to provide needed animal habitat.

You don’t have any of these worries with Reforest Teak, because it’s grown in sustainably-managed, mixed forests. These forests are actually helping to restore damaged ecosystems, provide habitat and prevent soil erosion. Reforest Teak is endorsed by the government of Costa Rica, widely recognized as the leader in ecological land stewardship. To learn more about the Reforest Teak environmental efforts, see Teak That’s Good for the Environment.

Teak bench

Note the slight rounding of the arms, cupped seat and naturally-curved back made possible by careful hand-finishing.

Reforest Teak timber operations also support the local community by providing fair wages, social security and insurance plans, an industry-leading pension plan designed to empower women, and incentives for sustaining forest resources and supporting sound management practices. Reforest Teak can trace its “chain of custody” from teak seedlings in the nursery to the shipping of finished products, with concern for the environment and the local community every step of the way.

A well-managed teak forest

In a well-managed teak forest, trees are thinned out so there is room for them to grow straight, with less lateral branching.

Exceptional Lifetime Guarantee

Dense, durable, hard and extraordinarily rich in natural oils, teak is the ideal wood for outdoor furniture. Highly resistant to moisture, rot and insects, our furniture can remain outdoors all year. The majority of the furniture uses premium heartwood, kiln-dried, First European Quality (FEQ)-grade teak. So that nothing is wasted, Reforest Teak also uses “standard grade” teak in some smaller items, such as planters, gift boxes and some stools.

Teak furniture is an investment in quality, comfort and peace of mind. Every piece of Reforest Teak furniture has a lifetime, no-questions-asked guarantee.

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