Watch: How to Plant Bareroot Raspberries

1. Keep the plants moist and cool until ready to plant. Wrap roots in damp newspaper and store at 35 to 50 degrees in a plastic bag. 2. Soak the roots in a bucket of water for up to one hour just before planting. 3. In a 3' wide raised bed, prepare the soil by adding compost and eliminating all weeds. Make holes 2' to 3' apart down the center of the bed. 4. Trim broken and extra-long roots with sharp, clean hand pruners. 5. Spread the roots out in the hole. 6. Hold the plant so that the uppermost root will be covered by about a half inch of soil and fill the hole. 7. Prune the canes to 4" to 6" above the ground. New shoots will grow from the roots. 8. Press soil firmly with hands, making a shallow basin. 9. Water thoroughly to settle the soil.
Photos: Ann Whitman

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