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We have seven varieties of organic seed garlic grown in Enosburg, VT.

Garlic Varieties
  • Georgian Crystal - This hardneck garlic has beautiful bulbs, mild flavor when raw, smooth and buttery when roasted with excellent storage qualities.
  • German Porcelain - One of the best Porcelain hardneck garlic varieties. It does very well in cold climates. Rich, mildly hot flavor, easy to peel cloves and long storage capability make this a great choice.
  • German White - A great hardneck Porcelain variety with paper white bulbs and tight wrapperskins. The cloves have a distinctive, moderately spicy flavor. A late season variety stores into the winter.
  • Hungarian Purple - A very flavorful Purple Stripe hardneck garlic variety often winning “best baked garlic” taste tests. The plants are beautiful and can be used ornamentally or the tops cut for use in flower arrangements.
  • Music - An Italian Porcelain hardneck variety hailed as one of the best for consistent year-after year production. Flavor is sweet and pungent. Heads are tight and durable.
  • Rosewood Porcelain - This hardneck garlic has strong, lasting flavor with medium heat and pink-blushed, easy-to-peel skin.
  • Walker - A hard to find Purple Stripe hardneck garlic variety. It is great for baking, has a spicy flavor and stores moderately well.

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