Critter Ridder

Critter Ridder


Item# 34-913

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Additional Information

At Last — An Effective, Easy-to-Use Woodchuck Repellent!

  • Repel destructive woodchucks from your gardens
  • Also effective for skunks and raccoons
  • Easy to apply with the shaker-top can

It's not easy to keep a determined woodchuck from raiding your garden, even with humane traps or an electric fence. Create a protective border around your garden with Critter Ridder. The pungent, pepper-based control repels with both odor and taste and keeps working for a full month.

Product Details

  • 2.2 lb. shaker top container
  • One container treats up to 90 square feet
  • Can be applied to lawns, garden paths and flowerbeds
  • Do not apply to plant foliage or food crops