24" Windowbox Water Saver Pocket with Pebbles

24" Windowbox Water Saver Pocket with Pebbles


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Additional Information

Exclusive | Windowbox Water Saver Pocket Helps Hold Moisture and Improves Soil Aeration

  • Fabric pocket with Aqua Pebbles creates an ideal environment for plant roots
  • Aqua Pebbles absorb and retain water while aiding in drainage

This zippered fabric pocket is easy to fill with our exclusive Aqua Pebbles, included. The clay balls absorb and retain water, while also holding pockets of air, creating an ideal environment for root growth. Simply place the pebble-filled pocket at the bottom of your planter, add container mix and plant as usual. The zippered pocket keeps the pebbles separate from the soil, making end-of-season cleanup easier. Both the fabric pocket and the Aqua Pebbles are reusable.

Aqua Pebbles are made from clay that's been fired at high temperatures, creating a porous material that holds water and then releases it slowly as plants need it. Commonly used in hydroponics and terrariums and as a potting medium for orchids, the clay balls are also ideal in container plantings. Our exclusive blend includes pebbles in a variety of sizes to create the optimal amount of air space.

Product Details

  • Dacron mesh fabric, zipper, expanded clay pebbles
  • Windowbox pocket is 24" L x 6" W x 2" H
  • Each pocket includes 5 lbs. of Aqua Pebbles
  • Pockets may be handwashed
  • Reusable
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive
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