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Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer
Item # 8586242
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  • Vacuum sealing locks in flavor, color and nutrients
  • Dramatically increases storage life of many kinds of foods
  • Minimizes freezer burn on meat, fish and poultry

With this economical home food storage system, you can quickly and easily vacuum-seal foods to lock in flavor, color and nutrients. By removing air from storage bags, the sealer reduces spoilage and minimizes freezer burn, extending the freshness of food up to five times longer than conventional food storage methods. Removing air also creates smaller packages that maximize freezer space. For quick meals, freeze single-serving sizes of soups, stews and leftovers. Or prepare large batches of applesauce or tomatoes then vacuum seal them for leak-proof thawing and reheating. Save money by buying in bulk. Includes commercial-grade vacuum sealer and two 10' rolls of cut-to-length bags: 8-1/2" wide and 11" wide.


  • Plastic
  • 17" L x 9" W x 4-1/2" H
  • Two 10' rolls of cut-to-length bags, one 8-1/2" wide, one 11" wide




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