Factory Second Ultimate Cold Frame


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Additional Information

Cold Frame Extends the Growing Season

Note: We are offering this cold frame at a reduced price because it did not pass our quality inspection. Due to a manufacturing error, the ties that are intended to hold the rolled-up doors and vents were improperly attached. Therefore, there is no way to secure the rolled-up greenhouse cover panels to allow ventilation. This defect will not affect the functionality of the unit as a season-extending cold frame to protect plants against chilly temperatures; however, because the vents won't stay rolled up, you'll need to remove the entire cold frame in warm weather. No grommets for stakes. To secure cold frame to the ground, you must push stakes through fabric. Sold as is.

  • Start gardening earlier and extend the harvest in fall
  • Woven poly cover has roll-up vents and insect netting
  • Factory second; no ties to hold roll-up doors and vents; no grommets for stakes

Nurture plants in a warm, stable environment during wet and windy spring weather. Start seeds earlier, harden off indoor-growing seedlings, and extend the growing season into fall, too. This cold frame is a generous 71" L x 56" W with a peaked 36" roof that gives plants plenty of headroom. There's a large access door with two-way zipper on each side, and a roll-up vent at each end for good air circulation. Rustproof powder-coated steel frame and polyethylene cover. Insect netting covers doors and vents. Includes anchoring stakes. Raised bed not included.

Product Details

  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Imported woven polyethylene fabric
  • 71" L x 56" W x 36" H
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive